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Turning points in my life and career

I started to live and work in Kobe after returning from the UK to Japan. It was the fist time in 4 years that I worked in Japan and the first time in 2 years that I livedin Japan. Already 8 months passed though.

Can we know the reason why you left your previous job in Tokyo?

I had a job interview last week. It was okay as a result. Because I passed the interview and have 2nd interview at their office.

Trying to make good habits for my wonderful life

I started to make good habits recently in spite of negative experiences. When I recall the past couple of years of experience, I have made a habit of running almost 2 years ago to lose weight.

Do Moocs help my career or torture my life?

I started to take a corporate finance course recently by Edx. Edx is one of the MOOCs. Mooc stands for a massive open online course. It means we can study some subjects that noble universities provide remotely for free or cheap.

A troubled career planning

Time flies, it's been a while since I uploaded a post last time. Wow, almost 1 year! Can't believe I still remember this blog! Anyway, I entered British graduate school last autumn and the spring term is almost finished. It means my master…

Why celebrities become a politician easier

When I chat with a Philipino friend, I heard a interesting speculation about why celebrities become a politician easier. I do not know the current election trend in Japan, but sometimes TV stars have won the election and become politician.…

What I expect studying in the UK to bring

Luckily, I got a offer with IELTS score condition from graduate school in the UK recently. I need to get 7.0 since my score is still 6.0. But it is good news anyway. I can study in the UK to get master's degree, although it is still in the…

Hectic and silent year

2020 was completely unpredicted for me, probably for everyone. My ideal plan was ruined by the pandemic. Since the covid-19 was recognised as a serious deadly disease such as the Spanish flu in 100 years ago, soon I was sent back to Japan …

Media or Development studies?

Recently I'm looking for postgraduate course which I should go to. By the way my GPA score was improved thanks to evaluation system difference between the UK and Japan. Now, I'm in upper second level. It means I can apply almost every cour…

What? I have a possibility of improving my low GPA?

I planned to write a diary everyday but somehow already passed almost 3 weeks since I posted last time. Anyway I need a lot of opportunities to practice writing in English to improve and to get high score in IELTS, so I wiil try to write m…

Joined a JOCV as a marketer

It has been a long time since I wrote a first blog in here. I had tried to enter a develoing economics school in JETRO*1 after that. If I got enter there, I could get referance and scholarship to enter a graduate school easily. But unfortu…

Like a Flowers for Algernon

When I was a teenager in a remote corner of Japan, my life was very simple. A 30 mile radius was my whole world. I had only to play video games and baseball, and sometimes study. When I was a 20, my life was still simple and small. But aft…