Yuki Notes

nothing more, nothing less

Bye my friend, it's a short farewell


One of my friends from our small circle asked us out for hiking a few weeks ago.  We did go last weekend. I like hiking, we sometimes hike together. 

When we were heading to a mountaion in Shiga, a friend who asked us out said that he is going to go back to his country. He will quit his job next week and travel around Shikoku island for a month, then after that, he is going to leave Japan. He said, " I don't have any plan after arriving at the Netherlands. I may get a job in Japan and come back. But I'm not sure. Because you know it is really hard to find and get a stable job in Japan for foreigners." 

He has lived in Japan for 10 years. His original plan was just 6 months for studyng Japanese. We know he loves Japan, the reason he leave here is not he is sic k of life in here.

A trigger was new job contract offer. A company he works for is not performing well, and they have offered him a choice between a reduced salary or leaving the company.

He hasn't met his father for 5 years. His mother sometimes comes to travel Japan, though. He thought he should spend more time with his family. He has lived in a shared house and a shared flat for a total of 10 years, and he knows how difficult to secure a job.

When I met him first time was 10 years ago in a shared house we had lived at that time. You may know, the Netherlands doesn't have a mountain. There is a flat land only. He never hiked on a mountain. He only knows the concept what mountain is.

We have hiked and climbed many mountains since then.


Hiking itself was not special. We went just a day trip to Shiga for mountain. 

But we got a lesson in hiking.

This is an another story, I may write tomorrow.