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Entries from 2023-01-01 to 1 year

Got some lessons in a trail

”Wait, we might have gone down too much..." My friend shouted slitely from behind me.

Bye my friend, it's a short farewell

One of my friends from our small circle asked us out for hiking a few weeks ago. We did go last weekend. I like hiking, we sometimes hike together.

Making a Good habit with numerous attemps

This time is different. I decided. I wake up early everyday. I am motivated enough. I just realized time really, really flies since I stepped into my 30s. The event I hosted last week feels like it was yesterday. But when I carefully start…

Career Ambition and Entrepreneurship

I have been absorbing a lot of information about startups and climate-related topics recently in my role as a startups ecosystem builder since I joined this current job.

Turning points in my life and career

I started to live and work in Kobe after returning from the UK to Japan. It was the fist time in 4 years that I worked in Japan and the first time in 2 years that I livedin Japan. Already 8 months passed though.