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Journaling Day7

Now my making good habit activity doesn't work well. I shortend feedback loop to daily basis from weely basis. I wake up around 5 am, and doing nothing until 6:30-7:00 and start to making my breakfast and eat. I don't know why. Still out o…

journaling Day6

I couldn't do anything this morning.Task I should have done is behind the schedule.My schedule tends to be behind the schedule I thought in advance. I won't be able to take the FAR2 credit test on Saturday morning.

Journaling Day5

I did study this morning what I needed to finish what I wanted to do yesterday. I know it's not enough quantity but I did it even it was roughly an hour things. In additon, I did 50 squats and 100 push-ups.

Journaling Day4

I posted day3 yesterday night. I thought I can catch up within 12 hours. I means I should have studied in eartly morning today. But I couldn't. Doing nothing for two days in a row. Just do it. That's it.

journaling Day3

I couldn't study yesterday. I'm disappointed in myself. Of course there are some reasons that I couldn't such as what I needed to go my parents home to help and unfortunately the signal was quite weak and unstable. but as you know, there a…

journaling day2

I did study FAR2 in U.S.CPA exam yesterday for an hour. I know it's not enough but restarting with small step is good to make it as a daily routine.

Starting a journaling

It's been a while to write. I had started writing in English to polish and to improve. But as you know, this blog didin't updated more than 3 months.

Making a Good habit with numerous attemps

This time is different. I decided. I wake up early everyday. I am motivated enough. I just realized time really, really flies since I stepped into my 30s. The event I hosted last week feels like it was yesterday. But when I carefully start…

Trying to make good habits for my wonderful life

I started to make good habits recently in spite of negative experiences. When I recall the past couple of years of experience, I have made a habit of running almost 2 years ago to lose weight.