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Can we know the reason why you left your previous job in Tokyo?

I had a job interview last week. It was okay as a result. Because I passed the interview and have 2nd interview at their office.

Trying to make good habits for my wonderful life

I started to make good habits recently in spite of negative experiences. When I recall the past couple of years of experience, I have made a habit of running almost 2 years ago to lose weight.

Do Moocs help my career or torture my life?

I started to take a corporate finance course recently by Edx. Edx is one of the MOOCs. Mooc stands for a massive open online course. It means we can study some subjects that noble universities provide remotely for free or cheap.

Far from EBPM

Once back in Japan, Japanese news jumps into my sight. One of them attracted strongly my attention. It is about Joint custody. Currently, Japan doesn't have joint custody. Only Single custody exists. In many cases, the mother takes their k…

A troubled career planning

Time flies, it's been a while since I uploaded a post last time. Wow, almost 1 year! Can't believe I still remember this blog! Anyway, I entered British graduate school last autumn and the spring term is almost finished. It means my master…