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Trying to make good habits for my wonderful life

I started to make good habits recently in spite of negative experiences. When I recall the past couple of years of experience, I have made a habit of running almost 2 years ago to lose weight.

 I did run 60km on average per month for roughly 6 months. However, the attempt didn't work to lose weight for me. Gradually I reluctant to run and completely quit when I realized.  

I make a new year resolution every year on the 1st of January. Such as writing an English diary at least once a week, reading a book in English every 2 weeks, making a 6 pack abs and getting a qualification for a good career. They have never been achieved. Let's take a look at this blog. There are roughly only 10 posts in 5 years. Look at my lovely body. My weight is over 86kg now. It was 65kg when I was a college kid.  This is terrible. I have a lot of things that I want to do in my life.  if I continue this kind of lazy life, my life will end up just watching and laughing at Youtube and anime. 

I started to make a small habit at first. Like a 30min walk in the morning. Actually, it made me lose 2kg within a month in August. It seems it works for me. But I got 2kg again recently. It seems not good.

I need to change something. So I am reading a book about habit. It seems really nice even though I am still in chapter 2.

According to the author James Clear, the most important thing in making habits is to focus on making a system that you do on daily basis automatically instead of setting a target. Setting a target like losing 5kg and starting something new exercise tends to fail or easy to go back to the same weight soon. Why? normally people try to make new habits when they have something to achieve such as diet and studying to get a qualification. The problem is that they are temporary things. Change never happens in short term. It is gradually changing and compounding. Then it will bring an enormous change when you realize it.

Therefore, he states that what you do is who you are. If you write something, you are a writer. If you play the guitar or write a lyric, you are a musician. What you do is your identity in his logic. That's why we need to be careful about what we do on daily basis. Because it makes us. It can be our identity. Habits what you do in his idea is a direction of what kind of person you want to be. 

I don't want to be a just lazy guy. I want to move somewhere in the south and work in abroad again. This book really motivates me. 

First of all, I will try to write my diary in English more often and increase exercise.  It's important to keep going first, even if it's a small thing.


It's an equation that is often used, but even something as small as 0.01 more than usual 1 can increase 37 times in a year if it is done every day. In contrast, if you slack off a little every day for a year, you are completely ruined a year later.