Yuki Notes

nothing more, nothing less

Turning points in my life and career

I started to live and work in Kobe after returning from the UK to Japan. It was the fist time in 4 years that I worked in Japan and the first time in 2 years that I livedin Japan. Already 8 months passed though.

After starting my new job in Kobe, I started to study accounting to obtain a U.S.CPA certificate. It is kind of investment for my future. I hope to acquire it soon and have it lead to a decent income and unexpected career.

The original plan was to obtain it within 2 years. I had to earn at least 2 credits in 4 this year in the plan. But reality is that I havent earned any credit so far, and I haven't taken an exam yet. I have made excuses, saying I am a busy and tired, and that I will study tomorrow. But it's been a recurring cycle. Tomorrow never seems to come when it comes to studing.

It seems I have only one opportuniy to take an exam this year. Furtheremore, U.S.CPA exam is undergoing changes in its content. The significance of my sole opportunity is incredibly high because if I fail, I have to start over from the beginning.

It is akin to "Loose yourself" the song by Eminem
In situation like this, an intensive study period is required.

This is the moment. This time is a different.