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Career Ambition and Entrepreneurship

I have been absorbing a lot of information about startups and climate-related topics recently in my role as a startups ecosystem builder since I joined this current job.

It's been roughly 10 months already. The reason I used 'already' because time has really flown by. I've watched more than 200 startup pitchs and slides during this time.

Some of them are less than impressive, and most of them are not particularly attractive. But a few out of every hundred are absolutely breathtaking.

I'm not an investor, just a incubator in local incubation facility funded by a local state. We run the facility under a contract with them. We try to make a startup-related policy and subsidy for startups with local government officials. I also do a mentor for startup founder and small business owners on a daily basis.

The goal of my position is to attract dynamic entrepreneurs and have them become a part of our community. Then, they can attract other entrepreneurs who aspire to be like them and follow their path. This creates a positive circle that helps us expand our membership and community in our facility quickly. 

With the digital age impacting us in everywhere in many ways, the location where entrepreneurs establish and register a company may not be as crucial anymore. People who were born and raised locally, studied and worked in larger cities tend to return to  their hometowns. This means that potential outstanding entrepreneurs can be found everywhere. It also means that local entrepreneurs can find a role model in local and they give a positive impact to a local.

Supporting such high potential entrepreneurs and creating an environment conducive to start a business brings me great joy.This is what I love this position. Normally, you can not do both. Being mentor for entrepreneurs or policy making for startups. Micro or Macro.

Now there is a kind of dilenma in my mind.

I studied international development and worked in emerging countries as private sector development officer. I have a ambition that I want to go back to somewhere in emerging country and contribute the development from business perspective. That's why I picked this position in Japan to earn enough experiences. 

However, I feel startup support expert requires a experience in founding startups or worked in startups since famouse incubators in US and EU have it. Otherwise there is no reason to hire foreigners like me to emerging countries.

But becoming a startup founder to just go back to emerging country?

How many years will it take? What kind of business should I do?