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nothing more, nothing less

This is what we face and need to tackle

I wrote a my sincere feeling in my previous post.

Yes, that is a reality I face everyday. 

 Ignorance and misunderstanding are rampant everywhere.




One of the things I couldn't predict at all before I join this team is what local government have quite low knowledge and execution power including getting a budget for startup support.

When I was in emerging country, I worked with and for a person who has a sense of responsibility and gave me discretion. Now that I think about it, he was just trying to maintain my motivation with limited resources.

Anyway, The biggest difference between being here in Kobe and in an emerging country is that as a team, we were all aligned and I could tackle issues with them. However, here, we don't see that same alignment or share the same values.

And wage is not decent in general. Not like a INGO, UN and aid agent.

Who wants to join this team?

I realized this is the main reasons why local cities can't make any innovations. Excellent person doesn't tacke local issues and tend to move big city such as Osaka and Tokyo. Seems it is caught in a negative cycle.