Yuki Notes

nothing more, nothing less

Never ever work with local government in my next life!

I'm sick of it, deeply in my mind.

I have worked with local govnermnent for 1 fiscal year.  I realized they can not make any innovations, do something new and change anything. Why? because they don't learn and they have a tragically short job rotation cycle, almost every 3yrs. It means when they get used to a new position and understand how it works, it is time to job rotation.


In general organization, knowlege and experience are being accumulated in the organization. But local government don't. I wondered why they are always shortage of knowledge especially in April (the fiscal year in Japan is normally from 1st April to 31 March, people in local government arrive at his new positon in new department on 1st April.) Surprisingly, they don't have any transition handover process in their work. Where is our report what we handed in? They are stored. just stored carefully. 

It's ok if they don't bother our business. Of course it won't happen. It's up to a counterpart, but normally they are arrogant enough and likely to have micro management. They have no concept of efficiency and productivity. Everything they do bother me and makes me less motivated. They don't read any paper and books. No respect to people like me who have expertises. No sense of policymaking, just waste tax. Fxxk Fxxk Fxxk.


I never expected this situation.

From my past experience in St. Vincent as an aid agent, I felt I need more experience in private sector development in terms of pursuing my career in development field and to make impact. That's a main reason I came back and work in Japan. It seems easy communication (because I'm a Japanese) and there are much more resources than emerging countries where I've been before. 

My initial plan was to make succesful experiences by using those resources such as budget and human talent. Then return to a field in a developing country with certain experience as a private sector development specialist.

I was so naive.