Yuki Notes

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Nostalgic Kobe and the future from now on

Kobe Luminarie has started. This is an event for commemorating and revitalizing the victims of the earthquake.
It may strange, I felt like I finally came back Kobe somehow. 

Over a year has passed since I switched to my current worlplace in Kobe. Also, nealy a year has passed since I move to Kobe.


I was 4 years old kid when the earthquake hit greater Kobe area. My old house had severe damage at that time but no one around me died. I know it was just lucky. Over 6,000 people died and milions of people lost their home. 29 years has passed since then. 

When I came the ceremony of lighting, there are a lot of young people. They were born after the earthquake. They are the new generation of Kobe, and they will shape the history and culture from now on.

I also aspire to be one of the indivisuals.


When I entered an university in Kobe, I immediately falled in love in Kobe. I liked the atomosphere and it seemed sophisicated every single moment. After graduating, I wanted to continue living in Kobe, but like many students, there weren't as many good job opportunities within the city. I had no choice but to leave Kobe.


After 10 years since graduation, I finally had the opportunity to return to Kobe. This time, it was through a job in supporting startups in the public sector. This means contributing to making the local area more attractive in terms of employment opportunities.


While gazing at the Luminaire, an event held after four years, I found myself contemplating.