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Joined a JOCV as a marketer


It has been a long time since I wrote a first blog in here.

I had tried to enter a develoing economics school in JETRO*1 after that. If I got enter there, I could get referance and scholarship to enter a graduate school easily. But unfortunately, the program was over this year. 

 So I couldn't and almost stuck. 

I thought that I should give up the way, pursuing this career because it seems no chance for me.

But I realized if I get a job kind of UN related or international organization something to fight for poverty, all my work is tough. Because if it is easy, there is no poverty problem.

So I tried to look for other way, then  I found a JOCV.

JOCV stands for Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. It is a part of Japanese ODA*2. The volunteers work mainly in three sectors: educstion, agriculture and health services. It is like a Peace Corps in the US.

JOCV activity is 2 years. 

It seems good for me because I can get  a lot of experiences in developing country and

try out my idea.

I applied and luckily could join as a marketer.

Now, I'm in Nagano, Japan for JOCV training. the training program has 70 days. Yes, it's quite long. It started last week and I have still 60 days left.

I don't have enough expreriences as a marketer probabry, so I have to study it hard.

Sometimes I'll write marketing what I learned blog in here too.



*1:It stands for Japan External Trade Organization

*2:Official Development Assitance