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What I expect studying in the UK to bring


Luckily, I got a offer with IELTS score condition from graduate school in the UK recently. I need to get 7.0 since my score is still 6.0. But it is good news anyway. I can study in the UK to get master's degree, although it is still in the pandemic situation.

 Some people who trying to study in the UK are thinking whether they should defer going to the UK to study to avoid the pandemic. Because all university provide only online classes as long as I know. People planning to go to study abroad consider that they will keep providing online class only next term and new term starts from next September. It depends on how much the vaccines work though. 


They worry about decreasing learning and school experience by the pandemic and lockdown.


I understand their worries and feelings. Online classes only seems same with their part-time course which the school fee is a half of full-time course. Studying abroad experience includes social gathering and some parties with people from different countries and who have different background. But in this lockdown and the pandemic situation, there is no party and no networking opportunity at least face to face. And we can't expect oversea trip during the stay in the UK.


That's why they are thinking a defer it to next year or more to get a usual learning experience from studying abroad.


To me, there is no option to defer. No one knows next year will be fine or everything will become normal like before the covid-19 world within a couple of years. Yes, we have some vaccines now, but it is vaccine, it is not remedy for covid-19. We hear many new variants and their menace news almost every week. I consider it a rat race. In this uncertain situation, what I can do is to just adapt current environment I face.


Besides, I have nothing to do following next some years except going to study in the UK to get a master's degree. I can't wait until the world overcome the covid-19 because we are not sure when it is exaclty and I don't want to waste my life just to wait. I am a person who have-nots. I have a lot of student loan, less asset and no job right now.


People like me can only take the opportunity and won't let go even if the opportunity is not the best for me because it might be the last good opportunity in my life time. I don't care the quality of the opportunity is worse than usual year. It is still shining to me and only available option right now to get new career and new life.


Studying in the UK to get a master's degree will expand my life options. Currently my life is based in Japan. I like travel and visited more than 10 countries so far. I'd like to go more and know different culture. Master's degree course in the UK will bring new world and new options to my life.


So, my purpose is to expand my life by getting master's degree in the UK, not just enjoy college life in the UK with new friends. And I know how master student life is. Their study life is always chasing by preparation and revision of class. It means they are always in their room or library to study regardless of whether in lockdown or not. 


Yes, to me, masters degree and speaking English with no diffeculty are a ticket to the new world.