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Media or Development studies?


Recently I'm looking for postgraduate course which I should go to. By the way my GPA score was improved thanks to evaluation system difference between the UK and Japan. Now, I'm in upper second level. It means I can apply almost every courses.


I used to read development economics books such as poor economics by Banerjee and Duflo, and behavioral economics like a predictably irrational by Dan Ariely.  I'm very interesting in that kind of things and would have studied in postgraduate course, but that kind of course, I only checked development economics though, they require applier must have economics degree. Unfortunately I have only law degree, I cannot apply.


I feel I need to study data analysis because I'm not good at statistics and math, I'm looking for the course including that kind of class. I found immediately some development studied which including classes what I want to learn.


Then I met a media course. Very tempting since exactly I work as a PR officer now, and I feel shortage of PR knowledge and experience. If I take this course, I can be a good PR officer and work in every industry not only international development agencies and NGOs. There is a great demand. 


Actually I'm not sure I should take this course. I enjoy current PR work and learn more. On the other hand, I have a bit confident in PR knowledge already because I have studied it by myself and tried. So I have some experiences. What kind of subject in PR should I study more? I know what I have studied is only what I'm interesting in and what I need to study. In the other words, it is active learning and may be there are some missing point of knowledge and view because of not learning academic and systematic way.


Most importantly, I'm not sure that I should be a PR expert and pursue the PR career. I have wanted to work for local economics development as a business analyst or a business designer. That's why I would study statistics and math to analyze local economy. 


Almost 10 years ago, I worked for local economics development as a community designer in intern position in Osaka, Japan. That was very exciting project actually. Our organization had a art festival in park to stimulate local economy and to collect cool people to let them settle down the city.

Well intended, but lack of business point of view. I was not designer, aspiring to be though, couldn't help them as a designer, but if I could require some skill which they don't have like a business skill, I would success. There is a great demand. I thought so at that time.


Since then, the idea still occupy some part of my brain. It is almost stereotype.