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What? I have a possibility of improving my low GPA?


I planned to write a diary everyday but somehow already passed almost 3 weeks since I posted last time. Anyway I need a lot of opportunities to practice writing in English to improve and to get high score in IELTS, so I wiil try to write many thing around me down here as I can.


I took counsel for studying abroad to get a masters degree  with Japanese agent on Skype last weekend.

According to her story, important things to pass the document screening and get a offer are GPA and essay(personal statement). No Ielts high score. it is not considered in the document screening. It needs only when you actually enter the university which you receive a offer. 


It was not good news for me.

My GPA is 2.51. Candidates are required at least 3.00 normally.  So I thought I have to get a high score in IELTS, write a good essay and make a good background to cover low GPA, and I was working on them. Yes, it seems I'm in stuck.


But she said to me "There are some differences between the UK's evaluation system and Japanese, actually Japanese one is stricter than the UK's. SO you have a possibility of improving your GPA by following the UK system. "


OMG...! I googled a blog what I've read before. It is written about his experience that he could get a offer even though his GPA was 2.09. 


I read the some posts carefully, then his GPA was improved to 3.09 by following the UK system and he applied with the improved GPA!


OMG... his actual GPA was 3.09. If I could improve my GPA, there is big chance to get a offer from good universites.


Now I'm trying to get a proper GPA sheet from my college which I graduated with a bachelor's degree.


I can't wait to get it and re-calculate by the UK system.

I belive my GPA will improve and reach 3.00 from bottom of my heart.