Yuki Notes

nothing more, nothing less

All I need is to get 7.0 in IELTS


It's been a while since I uploaded a  latest post again.

Since then, my situation where I live in and work has changed dramatically, and it had already passed a year since I moved to developing country where I was dispatched by JICA and started to work as a marketing officer.

I'm thinking of studying abroad to get Master's degree in UK after my 2 year assignment. You may notice, I have done nothing to enter a postgraduate school even though there is less than 1 year to apply.

Finally I'm getting nervous because I have no score and experience in IELTS what need to apply to UK school after a new year holiday.

IELTS exam has wiriting section, and it is very difficult to get a high score as I heard.

It means very challenging for me so I decided to begin writing practice here.

Just eazy diary first, but I hope someday in near future it will turn to essay.

This is just beginning.