Yuki Notes

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Making a Good habit with numerous attemps

This time is different. I decided. I wake up early everyday. I am motivated enough.

I just realized time really, really flies since I stepped into my 30s. The event I hosted last week feels like it was yesterday. But when I carefully started to remember what happened over the past week, it has been exactly one week. So surprised. I need to change something to achieve extraordinary results for my future.

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Far from EBPM

Once back in Japan, Japanese news jumps into my sight. One of them attracted strongly my attention. It is about Joint custody. Currently, Japan doesn't have joint custody. Only Single custody exists. In many cases, the mother takes their kid(s) and gets custody because the mother and their kid(s) live together at that time. For example, when a wife decides to divorce her husband, she leaves their home with their kid(s) and their luggage quietly during his working time (without his notice). Yes, this is a domestic kidnapping by his mother. Then she sends or leaves a divorce notice. This is an example and a typical divorce case in Japan. It causes many problems. Even though a wife takes their kid(s) somewhere without agreement with her husband, she can get custody normally and she can refuse the right that the father of the kid(s) sees his kid(s) without a specific reason. But he still needs to pay the expense of bringing up the child. This strange unfair situation has existed for several decades and divorced fathers have suffered from it. 

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